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Campus Heritage Network

Getty Campus Heritage Grants (2002-2007)

Antioch College

Opened in 1853 under the leadership of noted education reformer Horace Mann, Antioch College has a remarkable collection of historic resources including the 1000-acre Glen Helen.....[more]

Bard College

Bard was founded in 1860 at the site of two nineteenth-century country estates that reflected the distinctive geography and culture of the Hudson Valley. The original estates we.....[more]

Barnard College

Barnard College was established in the Morningside Heights area of New York City in 1889 as an independent liberal arts college for women. Designed by Charles Rich, the core bui.....[more]

Bennett College

Bennett College, a historically black private women's college founded in 1873, underwent two periods of growth in the 1920s and 1930s, resulting in a collection of handsome, Geo.....[more]

Bennington College

Founded in 1932 as a women's liberal arts college, Bennington College is now a coeducational institution with a campus of 60 buildings on 550 acres in rural Vermont. Campus buil.....[more]

Berry College

Berry College, encompassing nearly 28,000 acres in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, was founded in 1902 as the Boys Industrial School to provide educational opportuni.....[more]

Bronx Community College

The historic campus of Bronx Community College is one of the triumphs of late 19th-century American architecture. Designed by the firm McKim, Mead and White, under the direction..... [more]

Brown University

The Brown University campus comprises 235 buildings, some 70 of which are considered architecturally and historically significant. They offer in microcosm a history of East Coas.....[more]

Bryn Mawr College

Founded in 1879, the buildings and landscapes of Bryn Mawr College are outstanding models of campus planning and the Collegiate Gothic style of architecture. Need dating advice? Download the Flirting 101 manual here. Listed on the Natio.....[more]

Bucknell University

Founded in 1846, Bucknell University overlooks the Susquehanna River and surrounding mountains. Thomas U. Walter, who also designed the wings and dome of the Capital Building in.....[more]

Chatham University

Founded in 1869 as one of the first liberal arts colleges for women, Chatham University occupies a 32–acre campus comprised primarily of historic estates built by some of Pittsb.....[more]

Clark Atlanta University

Together with Morehouse and Spelman Colleges (both previously awarded Campus Heritage grants), Clark Atlanta is part of the Atlanta University Center (AUC), the largest consorti.....[more]

Clemson University

Clemson was founded in the late 1800s for agriculture and the mechanical arts on 1,400-acres of donated land at the original Fort Hill Plantation, a monument to the Antebellum S.....[more]

College of William and Mary

Founded in 1693, the College of William and Mary played a unique role in educating many of the leaders of early America, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James.....[more]

Columbia College Chicago

Founded in 1890, Columbia College Chicago has become one of the largest coeducational arts and communications colleges in the country. Built between 1886 and 1930, Columbia's ec.....[more]

Columbia University

Columbia University's core historic campus, located in the Morningside Heights area of Manhattan, is an ensemble of classically designed Beaux Arts buildings that date to the tu.....[more]


A National Historic Landmark, Cranbrook is a cultural complex founded in the early twentieth century by the newspaper magnate George Gough Booth and his wife, Ellen Warren Scrip.....[more]

Dillard University

A historically black private college chartered in 1930, Dillard University occupies a unified, axially designed campus in the Beaux Arts tradition. The ten white brick buildings..... [more]

Emerson College

Founded in 1880 in Boston's Back Bay, Emerson College began as a small school dedicated to the field of oratory. Over the years it has evolved into an internationally recognized.....[more]

Florida Southern College

In 1938 Frank Lloyd Wright designed a masterplan for the west campus of this small school founded in 1885 by the Methodist Episcopal Church. Wright's plan, called "The Chil..... [more]

Haverford College

Haverford College, founded in 1833, is the oldest Quaker institution of higher education in the United States. Originally a school for educating Quaker boys, the college is now .....[more]

Hollins University

Founded in 1842 as the first chartered women's college in Virginia, Hollins is a small private liberal arts university with an enrollment of about 800 students. The campus's his.....[more]

Lake Forest College

Located some 30 miles north of Chicago on the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan, Lake Forest College was designed to take scenic advantage of the site's unique features. The 107-.....[more]

Louisiana State University

In 1988, the central part of the Louisiana State University (LSU) campus was designated an historic district on the National Register. The core of the campus' Beaux-Arts design,.....[more]

Marlboro College

In its short sixty-year history, Marlboro College has established a reputation for providing a rigorous liberal arts education in a close-knit academic community. Marlboro's 360.....[more]

Mars Hill College

Mars Hill College, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, was founded as a Baptist-affiliated coeducational institute in 1865. Its 94-acre campus includes eight .....[more]

Metropolitan Community College

Occupying the historic site of Fort Omaha, Metropolitan Community College was given the 70-acre property by the U.S. military in 1975. The campus comprises about 30 buildings da.....[more]

Miami University

Chartered in 1809, Miami University in southwestern Ohio is a 1,900-acre campus with 100 buildings, two of which are designated National Historic Landmarks, and several more, al.....[more]

Middlebury College

Middlebury College, founded in 1800, is the oldest college in Vermont and comprises 173 structures on two campuses. The most venerable group is the Old Stone Row of 1811, based .....[more]

Mills College

First named the Young Ladies Seminary, Mills College was founded in 1852 by Cyrus and Susan Mills as the first women's college west of the Rockies. In 1871 it moved to its curre.....[more]

Moravian College

Founded in 1742 by German and Moravian immigrants, today Moravian is an independent liberal arts college associated with the Moravian Church in America. The College encompasses ..... [more]

Morehouse College

Morehouse College traces its beginnings to 1867, when the Augusta Institute was established in the basement of Springfield Baptist Church. In 1888, the College relocated to its .....[more]

New Mexico State University System

Established in 1888 before New Mexico became a state, New Mexico State University (NMSU) is the state's oldest public institution of higher learning and the only land-grant inst.....[more]

New York University

Founded in 1831, New York University (NYU) was established with the goal of being "a center of higher learning open to all, regardless of national origin, religious beliefs.....[more]

Northwestern College

Northwestern College is located on the site of a former preparatory seminary for boys and young men, known as Nazareth Hall. Built in the Lombardic Romanesque style of Northern .....[more]

Ohio State University, The

The building stock at Ohio State University incorporates a broad mix of building types in a wide range of styles, from red brick Queen Anne and English Collegiate Gothic, dating.....[more]

Oregon State University

Established in 1868 as Oregon's first land grant institution, Oregon State University acquired its current name in 1927. Little remains of the nineteenth-century campus, but the.....[more]

Philadelphia University

Philadephia University was originally established as The Philadelphia Textile Institute in 1884 as a division of the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Arts (now the P.....[more]

Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation (2005)

In a novel approach to campus heritage planning at small colleges, the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation will develop preservation plans for four institutions in Weste.....[more]

Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation (2007)

Following its successful 2004 Campus Heritage Grant for preservation planning at four schools in western Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation is now tak.....[more]

Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute was founded in 1887 by leading Brooklyn industrialist Charles Pratt. It was one of the earliest schools established to provide education to the working class by .....[more]

Reed College

Founded in 1909, Reed College is situated on the scenic former Crystal Springs dairy farm. The two original 1912 buildings are Collegiate Gothic, and subsequent building through.....[more]

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Established in 1824, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is the oldest engineering school in the United States. The campus buildings failed to match the preeminence of the institut.....[more]

Rhodes College

Designed by Charles Klauder in the 1920s, the Collegiate Gothic architecture at Rhodes College was meant to convey the ennobling and uplifting spirit of a liberal arts education..... [more]

Rocky Mountain College

Founded in 1878, Rocky Mountain College was for many years the only institution of higher learning within 750 mile radius. Many of the monumental stone buildings that form the c.....[more]

Salve Regina University

Salve Regina University received its charter in 1934. Located on a sixty-acre campus, its buildings consist of seven contiguous nineteenth-century estates created for wealthy pa.....[more]

Savannah College of Art and Design

The campus of Savannah College of Art and Design, founded in 1978, is indistinguishable from the urban historic fabric of the city. College buildings represent a diversity of hi.....[more]

Scripps College

Scripps was created with a unified historic campus plan influenced by Mission Revival architecture, popular in California at the time of the college's founding in 1926. The camp.....[more]

Spelman College

Spelman College, founded in 1881, is renowned for its long history of providing quality education for African American women to prepare them for leadership roles. The college ca.....[more]

St. Mary's College of Maryland

St. Mary's College of Maryland, a small liberal arts college founded in 1840, is surrounded by the remains of America's colonial past. In 1997 the College formed a partnership w.....[more]

Talladega College

Founded in 1867 by two former slaves with assistance from the Freedman's Bureau and the American Missionary Association, Talladega was the first higher education institution in .....[more]

Tougaloo College

Originating in 1869 on the grounds of the former Boddie plantation, Tougaloo College is a historically black college located about ten miles north of Jackson, Mississippi. The T..... [more]

Tuskegee University

Founded in 1881, Tuskegee University gained national distinction and independence under the leadership of its first president, Booker T. Washington. Starting with thirty student.....[more]

United States Naval Academy

Founded in 1845 as a naval school, the United States Naval Academy trains future officers for command in the Naval Services. The campus, which attracts more than two million vis.....[more]

University System of Georgia

In 1784 Georgia became the first state in the South to charter a state–supported university. Two centuries later, the University System of Georgia comprises 34 colleges, and uni.....[more]

University at Albany Foundation

The University at Albany is a product of Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller's ambitious program to establish modernist campuses across the state to accommodate the postwar baby boom.....[more]

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona was citizen-founded in 1885 as a state land grant institution, and the original West Campus is now a National Register Historic District. The extensive.....[more]

University of Arkansas

The first building of the University of Arkansas, Old Main, was completed in 1875 with plans purchased long distance from a Chicago architect. From these modest beginnings, the .....[more]

University of California, Berkeley

Since Berkeley received its charter in 1868, its development has been guided by established architects and landscape architects such as Émile Bénard, John Galen Howard, Bernard .....[more]

University of California, Davis

The University of California, Davis (UC Davis) was established in 1905 as the University Farm affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley. The site has a rich history.....[more]

University of California, San Diego

The original plan for the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) called for twelve undergraduate colleges on a campus to be designed by Robert Alexander of the Los Angeles f.....[more]

University of California, Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz, though known for its modern residential colleges, also encompasses Cowell Ranch with historic buildings and structures related to its days as a limestone processi.....[more]

University of Chicago

Founded in 1890, the University of Chicago faced a dramatic urban change on Chicago's south side. In 1955, the university's Board of Trustees engaged architect Eero Saarinen to .....[more]

University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati sits on 198-urban acres north of the city, a site it has occupied since 1895. Today the campus is a virtual museum of 'signature' buildings and land.....[more]

University of Florida, Gainesville

The University of Florida, Gainesville, opened in 1906 with two unfinished buildings and 102 students. Today, the university has an enrollment of 70,000 students occupying 900 b..... [more]

University of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii began as a college of agriculture and mechanical arts at the mouth of the Manoa Valley in 1907. With its early Beaux-Arts architectural plan, the univer.....[more]

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Since receiving its charter as a land-grant institution in 1867, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) has grown steadily in stature and in size, and now include.....[more]

University of Kansas

Chartered in 1863 to provide the men and women of Kansas with "a means of acquiring a thorough knowledge of the various branches of literature, science and arts," the .....[more]

University of Maine, Orono

The University of Maine campus was founded in 1865 with funding from the federal Morrill Land Grant College Act. Landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted produced a plan for th..... [more]

University of Minnesota, Morris

The University of Minnesota, Morris, is a small, highly selective liberal arts college that dates from the late nineteenth century, when it was a Native American boarding school.....[more]

University of New Mexico

The architects of the University of New Mexico developed the Spanish Pueblo Revival style, which came to dominate the architecture of the Southwest after World War I. Today the .....[more]

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University was founded in 1793 at the site of a large poplar tree, The Davie Poplar, which remains a cherished symbol of the university and one of the few individual trees l.....[more]

University of Oregon

Opened to the public in 1876, the University of Oregon (UO) was designed with an emphasis on open space, today encompassing more than 500 species and 2,500 specimens of trees on.....[more]

University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning, a 42-story Gothic Revival building, is one of the best-known landmarks in Pittsburgh. The Cathedral, however, is just one p.....[more]

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO) was founded as an industrial institute for girls in 1908 and evolved into the Oklahoma College for Women four years later. .....[more]

University of Tennessee

Founded in 1794, the University of Tennessee (UT) was the first non-sectarian institution of higher learning established in the United States. The campus has a long and impressi.....[more]

University of Texas at Austin

Austin's original forty-acre central core from 1881 houses a collection of elegant early twentieth-century buildings that reflects the height of Beaux-Art urban design, and it t.....[more]

University of the South

Founded atop the Cumberland Plateau in 1857, the University of the South (also known as Sewanee) represents one of the largest contiguous campuses in the United States. Situated ..... [more]

University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is the only campus in the United States to have been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The commanding centerpiece of Thomas Jefferson's Acad.....[more]

University of Wisconsin—Madison

The 900 acres of the University of Wisconsin—Madison campus include some 250 acres of natural areas. Scattered across the campus are ancient earthworks built by Native American .....[more]

Vassar College

Founded in 1861 by Matthew Vassar, Poughkeepsie brewer and businessman, Vassar College was the first endowed college to provide a full and rigorous liberal arts curriculum for w.....[more]

Virginia Military Institute

The Virginia Military Institute (VMI), founded in 1839 as the first state-supported public military college in the U.S., has schooled such notable military leaders as "Ston..... [more]

Virginia Union University

Founded by the American Baptist Home Mission in 1865, Virginia Union University (VUU) is a historically black university that held its first classes on the grounds of a former s.....[more]

Washington and Lee University

The campus of Washington and Lee University has grown around the Classical Revival buildings begun in the 1820s and completed in the 1840s. An architecturally and spatially harm.....[more]

Youngstown State University

Founded in 1908, Youngstown State University (YSU) grew considerably throughout the 1920s with the area's burgeoning steel industry. The University's first building was built in.....[more]


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