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Books of Interest from SCUP

Richard P. Dober, a founding member of SCUP and a recipient of SCUP's Casey (Founders) Award, has authored a number of books in areas related to campus heritage. SCUP has brought back into print two of his books that at one time were commercially available: Campus Planning and Campus Design. SCUP has also published two new pertinent books by Dober, each of which includes full-color illustrations throughout: Campus Heritage and Old Main.

Campus Design by Richard P. Dober, 289 pages, 2003, $28 USD Members/$35 USD Nonmembers—In the new foreword, Dober notes that "there is an ever-widening realization that a distinctive sense of place can have a positive impact on recruiting and retaining students, faculty, staff, trustees, and governing boards." That makes the reprinted-in-full edition of this 1992 campus planning classic a required reference for all who care about the planning and development of an institution's buildings, grounds, and surroundings. Put it on your shelf or coffee table!

Campus Heritage: An Appreciation of the History and Traditions of College and University Architecture by Richard P. Dober, $40 USD Member/$50 USD Nonmembers, SCUP 2005—This monograph offers ideas, insights, and information about campus heritage. It describes and illustrates the contributions campus heritage can make to promote, strengthen, and support institutional goals and objectives and outlines suggested methods of incorporating campus heritage in campus plans, facility plans, and campus design concepts.

Campus Planning by Richard P. Dober, SCUP 1996, $28 USD Members/$35 USD Nonmembers—This book thoroughly reviews the fundamentals of campus planning. It is divided into three sections: "Prospectus," "The Campus and Its Parts"—such as instructional facilities, housing, and parking and circulation—and "Campus Plans"'such as expanding the campus, building a new campus, and renovating. It is rich in concepts and specific solutions, with hundreds of photographs and drawings. It should be on the bookshelf of any campus planner. This classic was first printed in 1963 and is the work of Richard P. Dober, a charter member of SCUP, who influenced campuses worldwide as a planner and consultant to more than 350 educational institutions.

Old Main by Richard P. Dober, 2007, $40 USD Members/$50 USD Nonmembers—This companion piece to Campus Heritage is published by SCUP and the Association of University Architects (AUA). It describes the forms, fame, and fate of Old Main, arguably higher education's iconic architecture. These edifices came into being as intentional examples of institutional aspirations and accomplishments, track stories of neglect and renewal, illustrate how some lost through human and natural disasters are now remembered with inspiring campus designs, offer reasons why Old Main and comparable buildings and landscapes deserve a prominent place in comprehensive campus plans, and outline workable methods to achieve that objective. The accompanying graphics, including a visually delightful collection of historic picture post cards, help support the premise that a rounded view of America's collegiate enterprises would be incomplete without understanding and acknowledging the contributions these magnificent masterworks have made to campus development.

Other Books:

Stipe, Robert E. (ed). A Richer Heritage: Historic Preservation in the Twenty-First Century. Chapel Hill, NC: The University of North Carolina Press, 2003.

Tyler, Norman. Tyler, Ilene. Ligibel, Ted. Historic Preservation: An Introduction to Its History, Principles, and Practice, 2nd Edition. New York: W.W. Norton & Company 2009 - View on Amazon

Comment by Ilene R. Tyler on April 17, 2009 at 2:43pm
Thank you for listing, but please update the Tyler book to reflect release of the 2nd edition.
Tyler, Norman. Tyler, Ilene. Ligibel, Ted. Historic Preservation: An Introduction to Its History, Principles, and Practice, 2nd Edition. New York: W.W. Norton & Company2009
Comment by SCUP on May 6, 2009 at 4:27pm
Thanks Ilene, we have a link to amazon for 2nd edition.


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